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Belanda | Jul 18 , 2018

The Nelson Mandela foundation’s Luzuko Koti said Obama‚ with his global reach‚ was the ideal speaker to raise uncomfortable questions‚ provoke dialogue and draw attention to values that today were under threat.

“One of the things we are dealing with is captured democracies that don’t work for the poor‚ that don’t work for people in countries that are underdeveloped‚ where people are made to be rubber stampers of decisions that are made elsewhere. We wanted someone who is going to interrogate that‚” he explained.

The address will be one of Obama’s most high-profile… read more


Belanda | Jul 04 , 2018

Over the next two weeks, the City of Johannesburg will be releasing more than 600 new title deeds to Joburg residents, Randburg Sun has reported.

New housing MMC Meshack van Wyk said in the coming 2018/19 financial year, the City aimed to release some 3 500 title deeds. This, he said, would empower the poorest residents, who would be able to give their families the security of permanent tenure.

“It is estimated that some 30 000 accommodation units are required in the short term to address the needs of the most vulnerable households.”

Van Wyk explained that, therefore,… read more


Belanda | Jun 11 , 2018

From Thursday, music lovers from all walks of life will be heading to the Soweto Theatre in Jabulani for the first Soweto International Jazz Festival.

Power of Women, Inspiration Night and Celebration of our Future are some of the themes that will define the celebration of the music forms loved in the township. The last one is particularly relevant, says organiser Nolan Baynes of International Arts Solutions, because the festival coincides with Youth Day.

As a result, the programme is fresh and genre-blurring. Visitors will be jamming along to local artists, including Lady… read more

Makhura believed digital revolution could address Gauteng unemployment crisis

Benice Burger | Mar 07 , 2018

Gauteng Premier David Makhura (Madelene Cronje/MG)

Gauteng Premier David Makhura has placed his hopes on the advent of the fourth industrial revolution to provide solutions for the province’s youth unemployment crisis.

Makhura delivered his state of the province address at the Gauteng legislature on Monday where he said nearly 2-million young people in the province were unemployed, not in schooling or receiving any sort of training.

The interventions proposed by the province appeared heavily centred on taking advantage of the digital economy to create employment opportunities.

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Cape Town takes the prize as South Africa’s healthiest city

Benice Burger | Oct 13 , 2017

Statistics show that South Africans now spend more money on beer than on vegetables and fruit combined.

Durbanites eat the least sugar and salt while Cape Town and Johannesburg residents are better at stocking up on fruit and vegetables.

This is among the findings of the Discovery Vitality ObeCity Index 2017‚ released on Wednesday‚ which presents the latest insights on weight status as measured by Body Mass Index and waist circumference and food purchasing behaviour of nearly half a million Vitality members in Johannesburg‚ Pretoria‚ Cape Town‚ Durban‚ Bloemfontein and… read more

Five things to know about the Joburg bird flu outbreak

Benice Burger | Oct 06 , 2017

Here’s five things you need to take note of regarding the recent Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N8 outbreak that hit the city of Johannesburg.

It is not a human health problem but an animal one

According to the interim CEO of the South African Poultry Association‚ the outbreak only affects birds and not the health of human beings.

“It would be misleading and could have a negative… read more

Jo’burg police launch traffic fine email campaign

Benice Burger | Sep 27 , 2017

JPSA chairman Howard Dembovsky has warned Gauteng motorists about an SMS and email campaign which targets individuals with “stagnated” traffic fines. Dembovsky said a company called Syntell, which contracts services to traffic authorities, has launched the campaign which it states is on behalf of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA).

It seeks to “rake in monies… read more

Heritage Day brings carnival spectacular

Benice Burger | Sep 26 , 2017

Over 25 000 people, draped in the brightest of colours, gathered in Tshwane to take part in this year’s Gauteng Social Cohesion Carnival.

The carnival, which coincided with Heritage Day celebrations, saw people dressed in their traditional attire, fancy dress costumes, choir outfits and uniforms. They mingled with brass bands, drum majorettes and colourful floats measuring up to five meters in height as they paraded the streets of the capital city.

There was also a procession of stilt walkers and Samba dancers who gave carnival-goers a glimpse into the country’s rich and diverse… read more

Sandton City parking goes ticketless

Benice Burger | Sep 22 , 2017

Sandton City and Mandela Square visitors can now ditch ticketed parking vouchers for automated payment, which recognises number plates and automatically opens boom gates.

Shoppers and visitors who want to use the new parking payment system can download an app or sign up to the Admyt system, which will require login credentials and credit card or debit card details.

The Admyt app is free and charges are the same as for normal paper tickets, or occasionally better – good deals are sometimes negotiated and are available for download on iOS and Android.

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