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Belanda | Oct 01 , 2018

Content plans have driven the desire to see our content distributed through advertising channels, influencers, competition channels and just about any other medium we can find. An over prioritisation of content plans has led marketing professionals to believe that the value of a social media strategy is all about impressions, comments and likes.

Single essence of online presence

Content plans definitely have their place in the eco-system of a social media strategy, however, for many it’s become the single essence of their online presence and this is concerning.

I… read more


Belanda | Sep 28 , 2018

It may be a little confusing at first, but we’re here to help you get the hang of it.

Navigating social media is tricky enough already – with all the algorithms and #FakeNews. So in an attempt at making things a little simpler, the team at media update has compiled a list of 10 need-to-know terms that you should to add to your vocabulary – if you haven’t already.

Here they are:


Source: https://www.mediaupdate.co.za/social/144521/infographic-10-social-media-terms-you-should-add-to-your-vocabulary


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Belanda | Sep 11 , 2018

Many traditional business professionals may be asking what an influencer is, the long and the short of it is that they are the ones your kid is following on social media and trying to imitate, whether it be with regards to their purchase decisions or lifestyle choices. It is usually because of this influencer that your bank account keeps deteriorating.

Influencer campaigns Influencer campaigns have become the preferred and most effective way for brands to connect with their core target audiences. This is due simply to the fact that the younger generation is tired of generic advertising… read more


Belanda | Sep 10 , 2018

The winner will be announced this weekend.

Chicken Licken is the most-nominated brand with two ads in the running; one of a local robot called Sbu and another of an Icelandic boy who has assumed an Afrikaans identity.

Watch: 7 best adverts in SA right now:

Sbu 2.0 — Chicken Licken


This hilarious ad features Sbu, a charming suburban-dad robot who plays soccer and teaches high-school kids. Created by: Joe Public United.

Dala what you must— Brand South Africa https://youtu.be/iGGBaDoIh6Q

This inspiring ad portrays… read more

21 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Belanda | Sep 10 , 2018

Using social media to grow your business, generate leads and build a brand may seem like a huge task, and in some ways it is. But there are steps you can follow to improve your chances of success, which will help you take advantage of everything social media has to offer.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been active on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but haven’t had much success, follow these 21 social media marketing tips to propel you to the next level:

Create a Social Media Plan for Each Social Media Channel

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So… read more

5 Cost Effective Advertising Tips

Belanda | Sep 10 , 2018

Juggling a small business within a competitive local market, and trying to work in time to plan your 2016 marketing and advertising calendar can make it hard to catch a break. It is important to take some time out of your hectic day-to-day schedule and really nut-out a plan based on the most effective practices to benefit your business and your consumers.

To help you with your panning I have listed 5 cost effective advertising tips to begin your calendar year.

 A Comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Strategy 

Outdoor advertising/billboards:It is said that… read more


Belanda | Aug 24 , 2018

YouTube Go is available for download in the Google Play store and will come pre-installed on all Android 8.1 (Go Edition) phones.

According to Youtube, the app has been designed with the user at the forefront. It features a user interface that allows people to access their favourite videos and has been built with an ‘offline first’ philosophy, meaning it works even when there’s low or no connectivity.

YouTube Go aims to provide transparency in how users are using their data, allowing them to reduce their data consumption. It also aims to provide a social experience by… read more


Belanda | Aug 21 , 2018

Moya Messenger is a new mobile messaging app that enables users to communicate without incurring data cost – provided they don’t send any attachments and are willing to be exposed to advertising.

Developed in South Africa, the app’s users can message each other without airtime or a data balance on their smartphone.

The app offers unlimited texting, group chat, end-to-end security with automatic encryption of all messages, and automatic contact discovery that allows users to connect with others also using the Moya app.

However, while message attachments like photos, videos,… read more


Belanda | Jul 23 , 2018

Asia and Africa are seen as the two fastest growing mobile markets, but it has been highlighted that neither of them have historically been big app users. Most of the traffic seen on mobile devices in both regions is still spent on web pages, unlike for example in the US where more than 80 percent of mobile traffic is accounted for by apps. This may be quite surprising to some as Asia is home to the two largest mobile markets worldwide in China and India.

Phone ownership is continuing to increase though in Africa, in particular in some countries such as Nigeria and South Africa, which… read more

A total full moon eclipse – the longest of the 21st century – will be visible from SA

Belanda | Jul 23 , 2018

A total full moon eclipse which will be viewable from multiple continents including most of Africa, according to NASA, is happening on 27 July.

This lunar eclipse will be primarily visible from the world’s Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand).

The local times of the eclipse are available at TimeandDate.com (remember to put your place or country in the search box).

The eclipse will take place at or around midnight for Madagascar and the Middle East. Europe and Africa will view it sometime between sunset and midnight on 27 July, whereas… read more