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Belanda | Jul 11 , 2019

Ericsson says that the creation of this factory is in-line with its plans for a more flexible global supply chain, and builds on the firm’s previously announced strategic initiative is the U.S. market. The company is also fast-tracking the launch of the next-generation smart manufacturing through a modular and flexible production setup in its existing own factories in Estonia, China and Brazil.

The exact location of the U.S. factory will be announced upon concluding discussions with state and local authorities.

The smart factory will be powered by Ericsson… read more

This South African invention allows drones to plant hundreds of trees in minutes

Farieda | Jul 09 , 2019

Two drone enthusiasts have devised a new invention that allows drones to plant large numbers of seeds in minutes.

South African Andries Louw and Australian Andrew Walker built a pneumatic firing module that shoots seeds into soil.

It can spit out two seeds per second at velocities of anywhere between 150 and 300 metres per second. This is faster than the cruising speed of a passenger jet.

The module, called it Podder, can attach to the bottom of popular drone models. Louw and Walker estimate that a team of two, flying 2 drones, can plant up to 40,000 seeds into… read more

Forbes Africa #30Under30 list: Business, Technology, Creatives and Sport

Farieda | Jul 05 , 2019

THE FORBES AFRICA 30 UNDER 30 LIST IS THE most-anticipated list of game-changers on the continent and this year, we bring you 120 of Africa’s brightest achievers under the age of 30 and for the first time, four categories featuring 30 in each: Business, Technology, Creatives and Sport.

From elevator manufacturing, solar energy design, to under-30s conquering the Alps and selling out the Apollo Theatre, this year’s list demonstrates how enterprising and extraordinary the African youth is.

This list celebrates these pioneers who are building brands, creating jobs, and… read more

If you own a Huawei phone in South Africa, here is everything you need to know about the Google crisis

Farieda | May 23 , 2019

Chinese phone giant Huawei has run into some trouble with the government of the United States of America, which in turn caused trouble in its relationship with Google, which in turn could come to affect every one of what is estimated to be millions of Huawei users in South Africa.

Though we don’t yet know exactly how, or when, and we aren’t yet certain about some other things too.

The situation is complex, and fluid, and clouded by politics. That is particularly bad news for anyone who has just invested in a Huawei handset, or needs to decide whether to buy Huawei.

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Nike’s new app feature helps customers find the perfect fit

Farieda | May 10 , 2019

Nike has launched a new in-app scanning solution, called Nike Fit, that provides customers with their recommended shoe size in each of the company’s footwear products

The tool measures the full shape of both feet using a proprietary combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms.

According to Nike, three out of every five people are likely wearing the wrong size shoe. That’s partly because the system the industry uses to determine shoe size is antiquated. It’s not… read more

Meet Kinshasa’s first artificial intelligence robot

Farieda | May 10 , 2019

He is the first artificial intelligent robot drawing in the masses at a shopping center in Kinshasa.

Fred who is offering the services of a mobile phone company to users, has been drawing a lot of attention as it toured public places across the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Many people visiting the robot are fascinated by the artificial intelligence rather than the sales services it offered.

“This robot, it’s incredible. I love him but only a few improvements are needed for him, that would be great. It means, for example, talking directly with people,… read more


Belanda | May 10 , 2019

Feeling powerless to make your events more sustainable? Want to make your events greener without having to ask your boss for permission or spending more money?

In her recent webinar, “5 No-Cost Ways to Green Your Events,” Julia Spangler, sustainable events consultant, offered tips for accomplishing just that, providing actions that event planners can implement right away to create more Earth-friendly events.

“Sustainable, zero-waste event planning can provide unexpected cost savings related to printing, event supplies, catering orders and more,” Spangler said in the webinar.… read more


Belanda | May 10 , 2019

The diversification of Somaliland’s energy mix, and the strengthening of energy security will help address the high costs of electricity which is a significant barrier to growth. During Esres Phase 1 (September 2015 – August 2018), the programme supported the MoEM to develop a policy and regulatory framework and implemented a pilot to establish six hybrid mini-grids that are now fully operational across Somaliland.

The second phase, Esres II (September 2018 to 2021), will expand its investment in renewable energy through the Somaliland Renewable Energy Fund (SREF). This… read more


Belanda | May 06 , 2019

How difficult is it to build an airplane? According to Ian Poulton, senior finance manager with PPG Aerospace, “The coordination of an aerospace supply chain is, in a word, horrific.”

Speaking at the recent IW Manufacturing & Technology 2019 show in Pittsburgh, PA, Poulton explained that a typical airplane window has close to 100 unique components per window per plane. And every window has to be tested for impact (including birds) and temperature.

“Every day there’s a different issue that needs to be addressed,” he noted, “from human resources issues to customer deliveries… read more

New iPad feature to compete with laptops could come in Apple’s iOS 13

Farieda | Apr 30 , 2019

The debate over whether an Apple iPad can replace a laptop remains polarized. But with the launch of the next iteration of iOS, Apple could finally remove one of the longest-running arguments against the iPad as a productivity device.

The iPad is on track to get mouse support for the first time, according to Federico Viticci, editor in chief of MacStories. Viticci revealed his scoop on episode 239 of the Connected podcast. It was confirmed on Twitter by Steve Troughton-Smith, a long-time Apple developer from Ireland.

Over the years, I’ve heard from plenty of smart… read more